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Thursday, July 15, 2010

10 Q's For a LUPEC Lady- Jennifer Burch

1) what is your your LUPEC cocktail name & why did you pick that?

The Liberal, because the main ingredient is bourbon which is my favorite spirit and the name describes me politically.  It was also the first drink Murray made for me at ZigZag.

2) what is your profession?
Software Developer.

3) What was your favorite cocktail before you new any better?
I remember going through a brief Amaretto Sour phase, fortunately that didn’t last long because they never tasted like they contained actual booze.

4) What's the worst cocktail ever and where did you drink it?
Not exactly a cocktail but we were up skiing once with friends and one of them had this Romanian moonshine in a flask.  It was horrible, but I kept drinking it.

5) If you could ban 1 drink what would it be?
I can only ban 1?  Mixing coke with really good bourbon gives me pause.  I have no problems with bourbon and coke, just don’t use your top shelf stuff.

6) If you could have a drink with anyone, living/dead, who would it be and why?
I’d love to have a drink with Julia Child.  She changed everything.  I’d wager she could put it away too.

7) What are your favorite non cocktail activities/hobbies/interests?
Cooking, gardening, cycling, poker, pottery.  There are some backpacking trips in my near future.

8) How did you first hear about LUPEC?
Through Wendy Miller of course!

9) What is your go to drink or spirit?
Despite bourbon being my first true love, I can always drink a Martini.  Hendrix gin, with a healthy dose of vermouth. 

10) What is your favorite cocktail bar and/or bartender right now?
Does the sports book at the Mirage Las Vegas count?  I really like the crew at Naga bar.

If you haven't met Jen yet be sure to seek her out at the next LUPEC meeting, she's sure to be there as she has only missed one! I did take a really funny picture of Jen in the bathroom at Copper Gate to use for this post but she didn't have a drink in her hand and we have reputations to uphold! Jen thanks for taking the time to answer these hard hitting questions. cheers!

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