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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rum, Rhum, Ron!


August 16th was National Rum Day but us LUPEC ladies, having little patience, celebrated all things rum on Saturday Aug. 7th with a class given by LUPEC member, Eastcoast transplant and all around kick ass bartender Marley Tomic Beard.


This was LUPEC Seattle's first ticketed event and it was a big success (I hope those of you who attended would agree). Held at Spur and limited to just 30 seats the event was a sell out. Chef and owners Brian McCracken and Dana Tough set out nice platters of nibbles to help soak up the booze. Marley and Michael, her assistant for the day, set out lots and lots of glasses. Notes on the discussion were passed around and we were ready for our education to begin!


Class started with an overview of the various types of rums, how they are made and what their characteristics are. We sampled Bacardi Light, Mont Gay, Bacardi 8, Meyers, Aniversario, Zaya, El Dorado 15, Sailor Jerry, Lemonhart and Matusalem. Many of the ladies had not had a chance to taste a lot of these so there was lots of discussion and even some voting of favorites!


And there were cocktails! After the overview Marley discussed tiki drinks with us. We were treated to a Planter's Punch, dueling Mai Tai's using Trader Vic's and Don the Beachcomber's recipes (Trader Vic's winning that if I remember correctly) and a Zombie.

A big shout out of thanks to Anne Magoon who couldn't attend but helped to make this happen! Marley for all the amazing work you did on the class, the notes and the recipes! Michael for dealing with all of the estrogen in the room and working your ass off! Dana & Brian for having us in during your normal time off! And of course to all you ladies who made the event fun and successful! THANKS!


If you attended the class I'd love to hear your thoughts and also your ideas on additional classes you'd like to see offered. Feel free to write in the comment section or send me a note directly on Facebook.

All awesome photos are courtesy of LUPEC lady Valentina Vitols. If you haven't had a chance to meet her be sure to do so at our next event and be sure to check out her work here ->


  1. I loved this class. I was mentioning to my table mates that my parents had just given me a bunch of rhum that they picked up on their travels. I was able to use the handouts from class to help me decipher the labels and figure out what I had. My favorite mai tai was Don the Beachcombers so I had to make one last week so that Paul could try. Thanks Marley, Wendy and Spur!

  2. NICE pics! of course the rest looks like great fun, too...but I'm totally impressed by those photos!

  3. Forest, Valentina is an amazing photographer!!!