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Ladies for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails, Seattle Edition!
We try to meet up once a month in the area's best cocktail bars to try tasty libations made of gin, rum, tequila, whiskey, etc.
Occasionally we throw a party and use our power to raise money for local charities.

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

May Meeting - Teardrop Lounge, Portland Oregon

You want to know how awesome the Seattle chapter of LUPEC is? We are so awesome that we spread our drinking dollars all the way down to our smaller but possibly more charming neighbor to the south, Portland!

13 of us met at the Teardrop Lounge last Saturday night for a hell of a good time and some crazy awesome cocktails! Bartenders Ricky and Brian were working off the new menu which features 10 House Cocktails, 10 Classics and 10 'Friends' Cocktails (from bartenders around the states). For those of you light on the maths skills that is a menu with 30 freaking cocktails on it, all with about 4 ingredients each. Serious kudos Teardrop! SERIOUS!!!

No slouches themselves, Mary and Émilee took care of us like the pros that they are. Keeping track of everyone's orders for "Bidú Cocktails", "Thief in the Nights", "Apple of Discords" and the like.  And what about the 2 rounds of "Dementia Pugilistica Punch" and all the pretty punch cups? (Thanks to Jamie Boudreau for the 2nd one!)  And don't even get me started on that Piña Colada! I'm spoiled forever now!

Another awesome shout out for Portland gal Allison who came by and showed us her handcrafted Lewis Bags. I can't wait to order one!!

After our "official meeting" some of us headed to Thatch where Trader Tiki himself was working. Unfortunately I don't think Blair realized how many of us might be stopping by and was possibly a little overwhelmed by our Team Seattle Awesomeness. There was something flaming sent out and a little mix it yourself cocktail passed around in pitchers. I didn't catch the names of either but no worries.

Thank you to both the ladies who made the trek from Seattle (Lauren, Eden, Rachel, Jen, Elisabeth, Elise, Stevi, Marcie, Gisla, Erin) and also the great women from Portland who joined us (Karie, Michelle, Allison, Mary and Émilee)! I hope you'll get that PDX LUPEC thing in full swing!

What was your favorite cocktail of the night? I think I have to go with the Piña Colada, I mean I've had them a million times but that one is off the charts!

I'll have the rest of the pictures posted on the Facebook Event page soon, you should do the same!


  1. nice work, ladies! So wish I could have been there! Looks like a blast as usual. You know the next time in Seattle I'll have to make sure my visit falls during a LUPEC event so I can make another one! :)

  2. Teardrop is seriously amazing!